Where’s God?

There’s times that it feels like He isn’t even around at all.
Recently I’ve prayed a lot asking Him to show himself to me so I can see Him more clearly. While I know he never leaves me, sometimes I don’t feel any guidance or answered prayers. I think it’s important at these times to really force yourself to dig into the Gospel to read more scripture. God is all around us all the time and I think the times when we don’t feel His presence is when we have replaced Him with other things. Maybe you’re super busy at work with presentations and deadlines, or maybe you’re a student and have so much homework you don’t find much time left in the day for Jesus.
I have found that when I give God the best I can, that I can see Him more and feel Him more and know Him more.
Ask God for what you want to recieve from Him. He knows what you need and He knows what you want but you still need to ask.


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