Gods grace. 

I think as the younger generation, we often forget that many of the things around us are actually Gods grace showing through. If you think about a lifetime, you’re born so helpless and pure, then you grow up and can care for yourself. Now if you’re lucky you’ll never fall back to the stage of being completely dependable, but most aren’t so lucky.
I went today to a nursing home and while meeting with this woman, her name was Virginia, I was reminded of how full of grace God really is. She was so happy and free, so full of life. It really reminded me once again how greatful I need to be For life and all the gifts that come with it. Talking with someone who’s been married for 53 years now, (long Time I know!) I was reminded of what it really means to live. God gives us life, and in our lives we must be willing to give of ourselves. Now this means different things for different people. For some this means be a good wife and mother, for others it means travel the world and share the gospel.
I think there’s a lot to be learned from both the young children and the elderly. Children see life very simplistically whereas the elderly are very wise. Both have something the other doesn’t , and both have what ages in between have forgotten about. 
Gods grace is shown around us everyday but we choose whether or not to see it and accept it. Today I accepted it and the beautiful gift of my friend Virginia. She was strong and brave and I know with peace in my soul, that when God is ready for her, she will have a lovely place in heaven. ❤️


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