When people don’t understand. 

This is a post I made awhile back on a different site. I thought you all could benefit as well! ❣
It’s a very hard and difficult thing to handle when the person closest to you doesn’t understand your God like you do. ****Disclaimer up front here**** I really don’t have the answer to this!! This has been one of the hardest and easiest things to do for me so far this summer. I can feel God testing me, growing me, and teaching me. Something big must be coming because he’s giving me little steps of learning to trust Him. When this incident happened, I was in shock. I’d recently been reading a book about missions and how to fulfill that calling that everyone has. (Yes everyone is called to mission because Jesus told everyone to share the gospel!) Think about Paul for a moment. Rather than hoping people notice his faith, the apostle Paul in Galatians 1 is clear that God has called him not just to follow Jesus, but to make His name known. His very identity as a believer is completely wrapped up in the mission of sharing the good news of Jesus.
Sharing Jesus is not incidental, it’s central.
At this point of the book I was reading about safety. I was sharing with this person about how sometimes God wants us to let go of some of our safety in exchange for trusting Him to lead us to what’s next. I also explained how society looks down on the homeless and how God has been guiding me to look more at poverty. After a long discussion about all of this, and this person saying little in response, it became more of an argument. This person was telling me that ‘I’m not perfect and to quit acting like I am.’ And ‘You’re too much!’ While this along with other statements were thrown at me in this moment, I get very much at peace. I felt so happy because I stood firmly in my faith as this person questioned my thoughts and opinions. (Remember this is one of my closest friends!) I was being attcked and being compared to choices i’d made before knowing God.
Point of the post being, you will be attcked, ridiculed, hated, for being a follower of Christ but I believe you too will feel secure and safe in those moments. God was with me that night as this whole thing unfolded and I left the incident feeling incredibly happy. I talked to God for quite awhile after this. I thanked him for waking with me and standing by my side.
God is with you always. If God is encouraging you to talk to a friend or loved one but you’re not sure how to get started, comment below or send me a message! He loves you and He died for you! He will never leave you! You’re beautiful and wonderful. Chist made YOU in his image. You’re the son or daughter of a KING! The king who brings the sun up every morning and sends the moon up at night. The king who catches every tear that falls from your face and has counted every hair on your head. The king who created everything and everyone. He is the great I AM!


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