Chasing God! 

Everyone must read this book! I don’t care if you read every day or if you read a book once every five years, this book is impossible to put down. Chasing God will open up your eyes to the things that God puts right in front of you that you often overlooked. I usually found that most books made me want to fall asleep so I’d read before bed if I couldn’t sleep but I’ve read over half of this book in just 2 days!! God will shape your heart when you seek Him. God will open doors for you when you seek Him. God will change you when you seek Him!!! This won’t be a mistake or a regret. In the least you may say ‘eh I don’t care about poverty or abuse’ and walk away from the book, but in the most, it’ll forever change your life. This book will break your heart in a way that God will use it to guide you to the next step in your life. Children and adults are faced daily, worldwide with neglect and abuse from those they only wish to love. God is with all these people and loves them, and you equally. This story is about Roger and his life that started in an abusive home in Taiwan then led to San Francisco. He was homeless then full of love and the Lord. He faced his fears and changed so many lives. So can you! God loves to take ordinary everyday people, and make them extraordinary!
ALSO- check out Roger Huang’s organization he’s created since his own life changing journey.
I can’t even explain how wonderful it is. God loves you and He wants you to love Him as well. Take a small chance and give it a go! I got my copy for $2 on Amazon, so get on it!


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