You will find Him. 

It’s an amazing thing when God takes your pain away. Sometimes we’re faced with decisions in our lives and we’re not sure if we made the right one later on. With that questioning, comes regret and guilt. Also usually pain and heartache are involved. As I’m facing this and questioning my decisions, I looked go God. I told Him what I was feeling tonight and asked what to do. I started reading scripture and pretty quickly I forgot all about my heartache. God is so good. He is a loving father. Even though Hes not on earth physically, he wants us to be happy not sad, just like our earthly fathers. He wants us to love others and forgive. While you may never get chances to change your wrongdoings, God does offer a second chance at life. Give it up, and hand it over. No matter how great life is, highs always become lows, and it’s in these lows you must seek HIM. 
You will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart. ❤️❤️❤️ 
While the pain of life’s choices may never truly disappear, God can lessen the pain and replace is with love and hope. 


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