Share A Kind Word.

Just a bit ago, I decide to contact a friend on Facebook. This isn’t a close friend, or even one i’ve ever spent real time with, just a FB friend that i’ve observed over the past 4 years. At many different times she would post about her love for God or what He was doing for her and as my relationship with Him has grown, so has my love for her life’s journey. I first became friends with her before she was engaged. At this point, I was not a follower, I knew God may exist but that was about it. I loved their story and kept up on their wedding plans. She seemed to care for this man so deeply. It was a love I’d never imagined before. She stated the night before her wedding that she’d been praying for this man to come into her life for many years. I had no idea that I could do such a thing. A couple years later I had come to trust in God. From this point forward, her posts started meaning different things to me, i read them in a new light. Any time one of her posts struck me just right I would want to send her a message and let her know what an inspiring young woman she was to me (even if she was only a year older!) For years I wanted to let her know how many times she’d shown me God’s light in a dark world, but i’d get sidetracked and forget or decide I had something else to do.

So tonight I decided, it’s her anniversary, i’m going to let her know how much her life struggles, and successes have inspired me the last four years…so I did. She was so happy and so thrilled because she had been feeling like she needed to work on inspiring others more and being more of this model I had seen her as all along. She had just been telling her husband a few moment prior about these feelings when she got my message. This time God gave me the idea and I went for it, and it was exactly what she needed to hear in that moment.

The ways in which God works will never make since to the human mind because we can’t even begin to understand it. The moral of the story is go out tonight or tomorrow and tell someone you care about or love just how much they mean to you and what a great job they’re doing in whatever case. Sharing love with others is one of the best things we can do to add happiness back to this dark world.

I promise, you won’t regret it!


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