Running out of time. 

Haven’t you noticed something in recent years? We’re all becoming increasingly busier. Most have iPhones or agenda books to schedule out every minute of the day, but yet we can’t find time for the things we truly enjoy. What are you spending your time on? Do you spend a lot of time a day reading online news? Do you check Facebook 20 times a day? Do you watch countless hours of Netflix? What if you could spend this extra time reading the bible to a friend, or planning a bible study? Don’t you think all the other hours in the day would become much more enjoyable? I do. If we could all spend just one more hour a day devoting time and energy to God’s kingdom, can you just imagine how different the country could be? Whenever you give your time to the TV, your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, you’re not helping the kingdom, you’re giving your time to false God’s. Try today to spend some extra time improving on God’s kingdom. He will thank you for it.


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