God wants it all. 

What are you living for? Whom are you living for? What do others see when they look at your actions and your life? Do they see God or do they see another… 
I want my life to be proof of gods love. When people look at me I don’t want them to see my clothes or my hair. I want people to see gods love and gods grace. I’ve learned recently that god is so big, like gigantic!! 🙂 When we wake up everyday, male or female, we should want to be living for God. God wants to be your #1. God doesn’t want to be second best or pushed to the back for when things are tough. God wants to be upfront and center in your life. God wants it all. 
When you call for God, he will be there. When you feel completely alone and wonder if he’s even there or if he even cares, trust me when I say YES he does care and YES he does hear you. I’ve gone through many times when I felt alone, but I think we feel alone because we’ve replaced God with something or someone else in these instances. 
God is faithful and he is forever with you. He goes before you and he’s also walking behind you. He’s your best friend and your family and your father. He will always be by your side. He’s forever the father and will forever love you. 


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