Trust God. 

Is there something you’ve been holding onto? A change you wish you’d made a year ago or a chance you wish you’d took? How about a decision you wish you’d made? Why didn’t you? What held you back from making this change or decision? Was it a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, mother, or child? Why didn’t you do it? Why couldn’t you do it? Don’t you know that if you’d only took a leap of faith when this incident erupted, that you might already be healed today? Don’t you know that if this thing happened a year ago, that you wouldn’t be sitting alone in your depression and thoughts today, but rather out with friends or having a grand adventure today? So why didn’t you do it? Was that voice in your head telling you that you weren’t good enough or brave enough or strong enough? Did it tell you that you were wrong or that it wasn’t the right decision to make? I had this very same problem. I’d prayed and prayed for so long that it was to the point that I wasn’t even sure which voice was God’s and which one wasn’t. I’d stressed about it so much that I’d completely lost sight of what was best for my heart and what God wanted for me. I was so tuned into what was the easiest decision and not God’s will. Wanna know about this other voice in my head? It’s called the Devil and Satin. He was the one telling me that is was a bad decision. He was telling me that I was wrong and that life would improve. He was the one telling me to not trust God. So what’d I finally do? I jumped. I took the BIGGEST leap of faith that i’ve ever taken in my life. Was it hard? Yes. Do I still wonder if it was right? Yes. Do I trust God now more because of it? Yes… In the last week I’ve had nothing but free time to spend with the Lord. You know what he’s taught me in the last seven days? He says that a man should be so focused on God that he has to use that to get to my heart. He says that he judges us on our motives and not our actions. He says that a man needs to be looking to the heavenly father for love and guidance, not me. He even said that I was trying to find what I can only get from the Father, through this other path. God says trust me. God says love me. God says have faith. 
As you probably already know, it says do not be afraid 365 times in the bible, yet we’re all so afraid to completely give our lives to the one who created it. Isn’t this strange? It’s because, again, the devil makes us afraid and makes us question our own thoughts. Don’t give into his sneaky sly ways. God has something so much better for you. No matter what it is, give it to god. God says cast your cares on me, so let’s all do it! God will give you peace. You will not be alone. I’m not saying it’ll always be easy, because following God is extremely difficult, but it WILL be worth it. 
Just think, if I’d took this leap of faith a year ago, my current state would be much different. God will guide our steps, but we still have free will to do as we please. So, please- if God has put something on your hearts, don’t ignore it. He can see the future, he knows your heart. You aren’t alone no matter how quiet God seems right now. Just push on, and pray and pray and pray. God is with you! 


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