Soul mates. 

Everyone’s looking for that one true love…the one who completes their soul…but the thing is no one on earth can ever do that. Only God. I don’t know that I believe we have “the one” but God wants us with someone who together we can be broken. Broken together. Yet when you’re together, you grow his kingdom. It doesn’t have to be big, but it could be, just something. Maybe your something is a couples bible study, or maybe it’s to go on a mission trip together. I can’t say for anyone because only God could really tell you. I just know that for men and women (myself included) that it’s pressured and stressful to find someone to spend your life with. Most aren’t Lucky enough to meet one person, date, and get married. Most people go through heartache after heartache. Through my recent one, I’m learning. I’m far from having it figured out…I’m no expert…but that’s what I am pretty sure is true. God just wants to be honored.



  1. megzie212 · March 25, 2016

    I don’t know if I necessarily believe in soul mates.. But I do believe that God will bring that one person into your life that you’re meant to spend the rest of your lives together.
    I believe this because for my fiancé and I we are living proof of Gods amazing, intricate details of orchestrating two lives together.
    We’ve been together five years now..we’re getting married this always hasn’t been easy and we’ve grown a lot as a couple and we’ve grown so much in our faith.
    Before we both met, we were both going through a really hard time. I was broken completely and I was dealing with verbal and physical abuse in a past relationship. Jesus brought me out of that relationship and I prayed that I would meet the right man and person for me. About a couple weeks later I met my fiancé.
    God is faithful and with prayer he will be bring you the one you’re meant to be with!
    Be blessed and have a great Easter!

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