Where are you going?

Are you standing still or are you running at full speed towards God today? Have you given up or has your strength been renewed? Have you slowed down to wait for someone to catch up or are you blazing your own path? Where are you now? Better yet, where are you going?

God has a plan lined out for me and for you. We may only see a few feet in front of our faces, or we might see plans laid out before ourselves. When you get to a place where you have no idea what’s next, just know that God does! He said it’s all going to be okay, just to trust in Him who wrote your plan. Things happen for crazy reasons and the often times make little to no sense in the moment. I’ve learned in recent months to just TRUST God. He has it ALL taken care of and it WILL be amazing.

I’ve prayed and prayed that God would show me which path to take and whether to speed up or slow down. My conclusion, never slow down for anyone or anything. If they’re meant to be in your life God will teach them to speed up. You shouldn’t have to ever sacrifice your calling or your God for anyone. Things happen for reasons unknown, but God knows. God knows that there’s something better coming if only we can hold on long enough to see it. You can’t sit down and you can’t give up! You can’t let satin get above the ground beneath you. He will try to ruin God’s plans for you, oh he will try. BUT- if he’s trying really hard to stop you, he must KNOW that God has something amazing waiting for you. He only tries to stop God from being glorified. Don’t let him win. It’s God who needs to be successful. You deserve to win.

Give it all to God and he will forever be glorified!