Gods canvas. 

Life gets busy sometimes, like crazy busy. You run from point A to point B without taking even a second to notice the world around you. You look outside and you see gray clouds and rain falling against the window, or you see a hot sunny day with employees outside melting away in hard work. But do you notice how all of that changes if you just change your perception? If you change the eyes that you look through? After dealing with a lot of stress & life changing decisions earlier this year, I comforted myself by becoming really busy. I started getting more involved in my community and working two jobs. I quit taking the time to look out at the world around me. I’ve recently realized, or been reminded, of how much more beautiful our world is when I look at it through gods eyes. Everything seems much more shimmery and bright. A stormy gloomy day becomes an artist masterpiece. A hot miserable summer day becomes just the same. So much of the time we are all guilty of focusing more on ourselves and our own problems that we forget that there’s this beautiful world that God has painted for us, that were passing by. Every day, God gives us a beautiful sunrise, and a beautiful sunset. And every day there are thousands, if not millions, of people who don’t take the time to see even one half of that equation. God could’ve easily made an ugly world with ugly scenery and ugly experiences, but he made just the opposite. He painted us the most beautiful canvas we could ever imagine. 
I realize that I need to take more time to enjoy God’s gifts than I do to enjoy the world’s gifts, and I hope that you’ll join me.