For His good. 

How many times in a week do you feel like you can’t compete with the world? Maybe you were late for work or your car got a flat tire… maybe your TV just died or you even lost your job. Remember what Joseph told us about being sold into slavery by his own brothers. It doesn’t matter what god throws at you, because no matter how bad it is, He will use it for your good. It will be the best way. Don’t give up. 💕


Fall Cleaning. 

You know when the seasons change sometimes so do our hearts. We not only need some fall cleaning in our homes, but in our hearts. Some people God only intended on us to hold onto for a short period of time, while others we are supposed to hold onto for life. 

I encourage you to take a look at your life today and see who god is urging you to “clean”. Is someone holding you back from Gods will for you? Is something holding you captive? Pray about it, and set it free. 🕊