Hard Times.

We all roam through life without much care or concern of how bad things really could be. We act like the printer jamming at the office, or having to wait for 3 cars to pass at the stop sign, are a real inconvenience. We take for granted good health, and a family. Until something happens, and our world comes to a screeching halt. Bad news, tears falling, hearts breaking, memories flying. Where do you turn, how can you even begin to understand? Your mind is flooding because life just hit you out of no where.

But trust in our God.

Look up, not out. He will pour His everlasting Love and Joy into our hearts. All you have to do is ask, and you will receive. Pray, and you will hear Him. Invite Him to be near to you, and to heal you, and the situation. No matter how bad it is. He wants to help, He wants to wrap His wings around you and tell you that everything will be okay. Our God is stronger than we realize, and through Him we can do ALL things, and we can understand better than we ever could without Him. Through His unfailing love, we won’t be shaken by anything that the world throws at us. We will be free in HIM and in His love.

Trust the One who gave His life, so that you could have yours. You can beat this. You can move this mountain. You can cross this valley. You will succeed in joy and peace, and in understanding for what lies ahead for you.

Look up and you will see He is with you in everything, until the end of time. He’s got this. You’ve got this.